Emotional disorders and quality of life in patients with post stroke asthenia

Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakov 2013; 113(11): 27-3
AN Boiko, AV Lebedeva, IA Shchukin, MA Soldatov, SV Petrov

[Article in Russian]


An aim of the study was to assess the severity of asthenic syndrome, emotional disorders and quality of life indicators in post stroke patients treated with idebenone (noben). We studied 35 patients aged from 47 to 76 years, mean age 58,85±7,99 years, 21 men and 14 women. The time after stroke was 1-8 years (mean 2,63±1,51 years). The duration of follow-up was 6 months. Patients were examined at baseline and 3 and 6 months after treatment with idebenone in dose 90 mg daily (30 mg 3 times a day). Patients were examined clinically, the following scales were used as well: the Scandinavian stroke scale, the modified MFIS-21, the hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS) and EQ5D including VAS. It has been shown that asthenic syndrome negatively influenced quality of life and emotional sphere thus impeding the recovery of daily activities. The follow-up study revealed that the treatment with idebenone in dose 90 mg daily decreased the severity of asthenia and emotional disorders and significantly improved quality of life.