Serrapeptase testimonials

Serrapeptase is a synthesized form of an enzyme isolated from the silkworm that digests non-living tissue. It is used medically in Germany and Japan as an anti-inflammatory and to remove arterial plaque.

Serrapeptase (silkworm enzyme) testimonials

I’ve suffered from neck pain for the last 42 years from 6 different whiplash injuries. Two occurred when I was driving and 4 occurred when I was a passenger. Serrapeptase has given me the most relief of anything I've tried. I still have pain but it's greatly reduced. EW

Serrapeptase is better than a cortisone shot. I have tennis elbow and I used to have to take cortisone shots. Now the pain in my elbow, knees, wrists, and ankles is gone. I started with 4 tablets 3 times daily then I reduced to 3 tablets 3 times daily. If I take less than that I notice some pain in my joints. My ankle swelling is gone now and it looks like someone else with skinny ankles is wearing my shoes. My hemorrhoid disappeared. It had been my friend for 30 years but I don't miss it one bit. Also my blood pressure is down 10 points. I recommended serrapeptase to my brother and he said it took 2-3 weeks for his joint pain to go away. PC

I have been using serrapeptase for about 3 weeks because of a partially degenerated disc in my lower back. I have been in law enforcement for 35 years and I am pretty skeptical of products in general. Just two days ago my pain has subsided, and I find it unbelievable. The pain that I was experiencing was just almost unbearable! I was living on ibuprofen but now, I really do not need it. VM

My husband has bad knee problems and he was hardly walking. After starting serrapeptase he is walking much better and the pain has subsided.

At the moment I am dealing with inflammation in shoulder muscle tears and a herniated disk. The serrapeptase has really been making a difference. I started with 6 tablets 3X a day. When I backed off to 3 tablets 3X a day I noticed the difference and so increased it again. It has made these days much more comfortable and more movement possible. AS

I have MS, fibromyalgia, and RSD which are 3 different nerve diseases which cause me a lot of pain. I was living on Vioxx but with serrapeptase I was able to reduce it to only twice a week.

I used to wrap my hands because I had jabbing pains at the base of the thumb and my wrists were aching badly. I started taking serrapeptase 3 tablets twice per day and I haven't had to wrap my hands in over a week now. My foot used to hurt so bad that I had to walk on the ball of my foot but in less than a week of taking serrapeptase my foot stopped hurting.

I was taking morphine sulfate for pain because I can't take NSAIDS. After taking two and a half bottles of serrapeptase I didn't need to take morphine any longer. I take it every 8 hours.

If I don't take Serrapeptase I can't get up in the morning. When I take it I'm not in pain.

I have post-polio difficulties and the serrapeptase has helped my neuropathy a lot.

My friend accidentally hit his wife in the hand with a hammer and a lump formed. She was amazed that both the lump on her hand and an old cyst disappeared after taking serrapeptase.

My friend’s mother had been creeping along with a walker for years and but after using serrapeptase she was using NO walker and no cane. I am skeptic but I witnessed it myself.

I am beginning to see benefits since taking Serrapeptase. My latest OB/GYN appointment showed my uterine fibroids had shrunk significantly in size. I'm telling all my friends about it and I think a few have ordered from you.

My mother has been taking serrapeptase and now she is walking without her walker. I gave a bottle to a man in his late 70's and after taking it he said his back didn’t hurt anymore.

In my younger years I rode and trained race horses and was injured several times once breaking my neck. My right hip, neck, shoulders and general body have developed muscular skeletal determination. I have been in pain for so long I can't remember when I wasn't until now. My doctor gave me serrapeptase hoping to get me off Celebrex and to keep me from going on narcotics. The pain I have felt for so long is gone. I can run and walk without pain.

I was having a lot of chest pain and chest tightness and experiencing an attack about twice a week. I've been using serrapeptase for 2 months now and the attacks and chest pains have stopped. I still get an occasional twinge but nothing like it was before.

Since I started taking serrapeptase in July I've lost 36 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. People who haven't seen me in awhile don't even recognize me. I had been taking Motrin, two 800mg pills 3-4 times daily and now most days I don't even need to use it at all.

My husband started taking serrapeptase because he had high cholesterol and the cholesterol drugs gave him headaches so bad that he couldn't take them. Within six months of starting serrapeptase his cholesterol dropped from 221 to 176.

Having a hip defect, I suffer from arthritis and have been in a great deal of pain for the past few years. I tried Serrapeptase and was amazed at the results. After just a couple of days, the inflammation in my joints had reduced and I am now pain-free. I have been able to reduce my prescription drugs from 18 a day to 2, and I can walk normally for the first time in years.

My arthritis was so bad I couldn't hold anything and now my hands don't hurt anymore.

My mother-in-law's leg refused to heal after her surgery for melanoma. Once she started taking serrapeptase, it immediately started to heal just great.

I couldn’t raise my arm for 20 years. I guess a life time of swinging a sledge hammer caused it. I took serrapeptase for 4 months and now I can raise my arm.

After taking serrapeptase twice a day for less than a week, I still have some pain, but nothing like I had. It was so bad that I almost couldn’t walk.

My breast lumps disappeared after only 3 bottles. I had been afraid that if I wouldn't be able to differentiate between these and any cancerous lumps. Now I'm not.

Serrapeptase is amazing for sinus. I had a sinus blockage above my right eye for one and a half years that nothing helped. I took serrapeptase for about a week and it was gone.

After taking serrapeptase the pain went away and I canceled my hip replacement surgery.

Serrapeptase is also amazing for sinus. I had a sinus blockage above my right eye for one and a half years that nothing helped. I took serrapeptase for about a week and it was gone.

I was taking morphine sulfate for pain because I can't take NSAIDS. After taking 2 bottles of serrapeptase I didn't need to take morphine any longer.

In my mid 40's I began having to clear my throat all the time. I started taking serrapeptase and it brought up a lot of mucous from my lungs which apparently was the reason I had to constantly clear my throat. I also expelled a lot of mucous from my sinuses. After about 3 weeks I no longer had to clear my throat.